Friday, January 22, 2010

Self Image

One of my greatest life learnings has been about self-image. Having had a childhood disability, overcoming that to become an international fashion model and then becoming disabled as an adult - gives me a very unique perspective on self image.

Self image comes from our relationship to others. It is easy to develop a negative self image when you have a disability. Other people see a disability as a sign of inferiority. When other people disregard your right to privacy by asking what happened, or when they ask the person next to you what you will be ordering or when they pat you on your back, or otherwise treat a disabled person like a child, these encounters affect self image. The feedback we recieve from others is that we are not capable, worthy or self sufficient.

This in turn creates a negative cycle because of that encounter we tend to push people away. Isolation leads to depression and depression creates a negative outlook. Our negative outlook then leads others to see us as less than capable. Ultimately, a person with a disability needs to find their source of acceptance through self love. We must put ourselves above the shortcomings of others in a spirit of love and forgiveness.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I decided to start a blog in order to share with others the experience of being in a wheelchair. It is hard to describe how my life is different now. Sure there are the obvious - like I can't walk. The subtle things that happen on a day to day basis are harder to capture so I will explain the difference through examples or snapshots taken from each day.

Since I can't obviously read peoples thoughts, I try to study their behavior. behavior is derived from thought, even if it is subconcious. So through anothers behavior perhaps I can read into what their thinking or how they are experiencing ms as as a person in a wheelchair. I will also reflect on my thoughts and feelings as well.

I welcome comments and if you have a story to share either as a person with a disability or experiencing someone with a disability - please share them with me and I will post them here.