Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I decided to start a blog in order to share with others the experience of being in a wheelchair. It is hard to describe how my life is different now. Sure there are the obvious - like I can't walk. The subtle things that happen on a day to day basis are harder to capture so I will explain the difference through examples or snapshots taken from each day.

Since I can't obviously read peoples thoughts, I try to study their behavior. behavior is derived from thought, even if it is subconcious. So through anothers behavior perhaps I can read into what their thinking or how they are experiencing ms as as a person in a wheelchair. I will also reflect on my thoughts and feelings as well.

I welcome comments and if you have a story to share either as a person with a disability or experiencing someone with a disability - please share them with me and I will post them here.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! The above picture is a great glamour shot (and I recognized you right away). You are a beautiful woman--have you done a glamour shot in your wheelchair?

  2. Thanks for the question. I haven't yet taken very many pictures of myself in a wheelchair but do have a photo shoot scheduled for Feb. 20th. I will share those photos here. Be sure to check back.